Our Team

Greg Aikins – Senior Partner

Greg is an experienced marine operations and risk management professional with over thirty-five (35) years of experience in the emergency management, defence, marine operations/transportation, security and project management fields. Fluently bilingual, Greg was the Commanding Officer of two Navy frigates and Incident Commander for the Swiss Air Flight 111 Operation,  the largest interdepartmental marine incident to date in Canada. 

Greg is experienced in inter-agency emergency planning, assisting large organizations transition to ICS, and developing emergency response plans and exercise planning. He is also certified as an ICS instructor and exercise designer. Greg has developed exercises of varying degrees of complexity and interaction including; both discussion and operations–based exercises, and was the exercise manager for the largest marine safety and security exercise held in Canada.

Michael Murray – Senior Partner

 Recognized nationally as a leader in emergency management and training. Since 1988 has taught the incident command system to a variety of organizations and agencies throughout Canada and internationally including; Canadian Coast Guard (CCG), Transport Canada (TC), Halifax Port Authority (HPA), Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Halifax International Airport Authority (HIAA), Canadian Armed Forces, Parks Canada (PC), Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) and Bermuda Electric Light Company.

Directly involved in the management of multiple ground search and rescue operations ranging from single operational period and jurisdictional events to major, multi-day events involving different agencies and jurisdictions. He was also involved in the recovery efforts for the tragic Swiss Air flight 111 and MK Airlines Limited Boeing 747-244SF air crashes.

Mike the prestigious 2016 Public Safety Canada, National Search and Rescue Program Award of Excellence for Education and Training. 

Glen Boutilier – Senior Instructor

Prior to joining KI, Glen was employed by Nova Scotia’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for 33 years before retiring as District Supervisor. During this period he was heavily involved in all-hazard emergency management using the Incident Command System (ICS). In 2004 Glen was selected to represent Nova Scotia as a member of a Canada / US Incident Management Team (IMT) filling the roles of Operations Section Chief and Planning Section Chief. Glen was also the Incident Commander on DNR’s Provincial IMT. As a member of these IMT’s, Glen participated in incident response management and teaching assignments throughout Canada and the United States.

Glen is certified by ICS Canada to teach to the ICS 400 level as well as the following position-specific courses: Incident Commander, Operations Section Chief, Planning Section Chief, Logistics Section Chief, Safety Officer, Liaison Officer, Strike Team /Task Force Leader and Division / Group Supervisor.

In addition to teaching ICS courses Glen also specializes in the design, development and facilitation of ICS-based training exercises. He has created and delivered ICS exercises for all levels of government and the private sector, as part of their various training programs designed to implement or strengthen the use of ICS.

Suzie Malouin – Instructor

Suzie has almost 20 years of experience in emergency management primarily with Parks Canada, and is an experienced ICS instructor providing training to the I-400 level, and exercise support to private and public sector clients. Fluently bilingual with extensive emergency management experience (with significant focus on the marine side), her tremendous people skills make her an effective coach in classroom and exercise settings.

Chuck Bezanson – Instructor

Chuck is a Division Commander with Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency. With over 30 years of operational experience in the fire sector, including 2 years as Division Chief of Training, Chuck brings a tremendous amount of experience to the classroom and field. Chuck is qualified to teach to the I-400 level as well as the Incident Commander and Planning Section Chief courses. Chuck is a leader in the use of ICS across multiple municipal units to help ensure a comprehensive and integrated response to incidents. Most recently Chuck worked with Halifax Regional Police to develop three short films displaying the use of ICS and the formation of an Incident Management Team.

Magdi Saleh

Magdi retired from the RCMP in 2017, as an Inspector, with over 36 years of policing experience in Federal Enforcement, Protective Policing and International Peacekeeping. He is certified as an ICS instructor from the Province of Ontario, accredited as an Associate BCP planner from DRI and was the RCMP Critical Incident Commander Coordinator for the NCR. He led and managed large-scale operations in the NCR for major events/incidents such as Royal Visits, Canada Day and Oct 22 Parliament Hill shooting. Magdi is bilingual and has strong interpersonal skills that make him a natural facilitator and consensus builder.

Barry Manuel

Barry Manuel retired as the Emergency Management Coordinator for the Halifax Regional Municipality after a 40 year career in public safety that started with him becoming a police officer for the City of Dartmouth in 1978.  In 1985, Barry began serving as the Police Support Officer in the Dartmouth Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) and from 1993 to 1996 he served as the Emergency Management Coordinator for the City of Dartmouth.

In April of 1997, Barry was appointed as the full time EMO Coordinator for the newly created Halifax Regional Municipality.  Barry has always focused on inter-agency planning and response involving all levels of government, non-government organizations, including the private sector. 

In 2001 Barry was awarded the “Person of the Year” designation by the Halifax Chamber of Commerce for his work during the humanitarian response to the terrorist attack on the United Sates.  Also, in recognition of Barry’s work to bring all agencies and governments together, Public Safety Canada awarded Barry the Emergency Management Exemplary Service Award in July of 2018.  

Barry specializes in emergency management, EOC and business continuity training. He is also certified to teach to the I-400 level.  

Mark Pickford

Mark Pickford was born in Manchester, England and immigrated to Canada in 1980 with his family. In 1990 Mark joined the Canadian Forces and was posted to 1 Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI) in Calgary.  Mark served with the PPCLI in Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and the U.A.E. He also deployed domestically to the Manitoba Floods (1997), Quebec Ice Storm (1998) B.C Wildfires (2003), and the Southern Alberta Floods (2013). 

In August 2014 Mark retired from the forces as a Master Warrant Officer and started a new role as a Field Officer with Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA). In this capacity, Mark has had the pleasure of working closely with various municipalities in Alberta and guiding Emergency Preparedness and Resilience for the province. In this role, Mark has been directly involved with the Wabasca Evacuation (2015), Parkland County Wildfires (2016), Fort McMurray Horse River Wildfire (2016) and the Kenow/Waterton National Park Wildfires. 

Academically Mark holds various certifications some of which include Project Management Certification (NAIT), Emergency and Disaster Management Certification (NAIT), Associate Business Continuity Planner (ABCP) through (DRI) and is also an Associate Emergency Manager through IAEM. 

Other Trainers

KI has additional consultants, trainers, researchers and planners that are used to meet the specific requirements of individual clients.