Exercise Support

The reality of most organizations is that they are so busy with necessary day-to-day operations that they are challenged to make their investment in training effective through realistic, practical training. Training staff involved in emergency planning, response and recovery is fundamental to an organization’s ability to handle any type of incident. Experience and data show that an effective training program includes exercises that validate plans, develop staff competencies and confidence, test procedures and build relationships between staffs. Our team can manage the full spectrum of exercise design and execution, or just supplement exercise monitors to provide specific subject matter experts, such as ”ICS coaching”.

We specialize in the use of ICS as an organizational structure for incident management as well as guiding the process for planning, building and adapting that structure. Using ICS as the foundation of your exercise program as well as for every incident or planned event, helps sharpen and maintain skills needed for the larger incidents. KI’s consultants have significant experience as professional trainers with expertise in planning, developing and delivering exercises that will test and hone your operational readiness and emergency plan.